I Dream of TV is a twice a week email newsletter recap of all that is happening on the small screen. It will save you from watching a bad new show, but also toss you down the rabbit hole of fan theories. You will have a conversation starter at your next party about that new David Milch pilot at HBO, and then you can segue into that excellent supercut of every time Jesse Pinkman has said the word "bitch". Let me be your guide every Tuesday and Thursday.

A few recent newsletters
Sitcoms from the '90s return, a peak TV update, and One Tree Hill's craziest scene.
Movie stars return to TV, highly anticipated trailers, and yep, I'm still laughing at Zoo.
Trying something new this week. Or is it this month? Either way, TV news!
Twin Peaks! Roseanne! Dynasty! Wait, what year is it right now?
Enjoying bad reviews, skipping opening credits, and Stephen Colbert continues to win late night.
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